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  • RNA profiling
    • Microarray:642
  • Protein profiling
    • Luminex:1363
    • 2DE Gel:23

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News & Update

December 21, 2010
Leukemia stem cell microarray data available
March 26, 2010
CEL files & sample information can be downloaded

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Welcome to the RCAI RefDIC

RefDIC is an open-access database of quantitative mRNA and protein profiles specifically for immune cells and tissues.  Learn more

What you can do with RefDIC

View Expression Profiles

The gene expression profiles at the mRNA and the protein levels can be searched and visualized with user-friendly interface. See Tutorial to learn how to get started.

Search & Browse Entries

The data entries in RefDIC can be searched and browsed, with various types of queries. All of the experimental data in RefDIC is downloadable without any charge.