RefDIC Tools

We provide several simple tools listed below to assist your data analysis.

Specific Gene Finder
This tool searches for genes specifically expressed in the target sample(s) compared to the controls with several parameters.
Function Classification
This tool make a list of GO terms or KEGG pathways in which a given set of genes are significantly enriched.
Gene Dictionary
This tool provides a general information regarding a given gene, e.g. gene name, accession numbers for the mRNA or protein sequences, functional annotation, etc. The gene expression profiles of a given gene also accessible from this tool.
X-REF Converter
This tool converts several accession numbers into the others, e.g. Affymetrix Probeset ID to the official gene symbol.
Probe Annotator
This tool make a list of annotation information regarding the Affymetrix probesets from your list of the identifier or file.
Probe Mapping
This tool visualize the location of the Affymetrix probesets on the chromosome.
List Operator
This tool manipulates two sets of gene lists by set operations.
Homologene Matcher
This tool get a pair of homologous genes between two distinct organisms from a gene list for one of the organisms.
2DE-gel Viewer
This tool visualize a 2DE-gel image with information regarding each protein spot identified by the image analysis and mass spectrometry.