Data format for upload

At this time, a valid data format for your query must be a tab-delimited text file as follows.

Please note that this format is compatible with the raw-data file of the RCAI reference database.

1st column: identifiers of the probe sets (end of the identifiers must be "_at")

2nd column: signal intensity (raw value, not normalized value)

3rd column: detection call (P:Present, M:Marginal, A:Absent)

other columns: ignored


1415670_at 2459.9 P
1415671_at 125.5 P
1415672_at 2005.3 P
1415673_at 1429.1 P
1415674_a_at 45.5 A
1415675_at 1222.4 P
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .

Any other rows that do not fulfill the above format are ignored.